Shio vs. Agility Course Part II

As a follow up to J's previous post, here's a little more about Shio's performance in his first agility class: Shio quickly picked up on the agility exercises that were available and was excited to do so. The equipment that was set up for us were the open and closed tunnels, tire jump, A frame, dog walk, adjustable jump and the ladder. The one that he had the most trouble with was the ladder because he's not very coordinated.

Up until the last 15 minutes of the class when his puppy ADD took over. He then lost interest and started distracting all the other Shibas and running around the room like a little maniac.

We would definitely consider signing him up for agility classes when he's a little older because we would like to build our relationship with him and keep him active.

Here's a video of Shio walking the dog walk by himself after the agility class: