The Shio Guide: Playing Fetch

Fetch has always been interesting with Shio. Sometimes he will bring the toy back, sometimes he gets the toy and plops down to play with it while you stand waiting for him to bring it back. Other times, he'll just stare at the toy after its been thrown and waits for you to get it. Here's the general Shio Guide to playing fetch:

  1. Allow person to take toy from you but not before some resistance and reluctance.
  2. Sit and wait for the person to throw it. Make sure you stare at the toy incessantly until it is thrown.
  3. Stand up when the person raises their arm to throw the toy. Keep staring.
  4. Continue to stare and stand if the person is trying to fake throw.
  5. Choose of the options below after the throw:
  • Stand and stare at the toy after its been thrown. See if the person will fetch it for you.
  • Run after the toy and grab it. Then plop down and play with it. Leave the person who is trying to play fetch with you hanging dry.
  • Run after the toy and grab it. Then run back but make sure that you are two feet away from them so the have to reach for the toy from your mouth. Then repeat steps 1-5.

Step 1. Grabbing the toy from ShioStep 2. Sit and wait for the throw

Step 3. Stand and wait for the throwStep 4. Continue to stare as you wait for the throw

[Pictures courtesy of KiMickey]