Shio @ 8 months

Shio is finally 8 months old! It's amazing how much he has changed in this past month. Quick recap of this month:

He has finished teething on everything in our apartment (yay!) and is able to be left home alone without being crated for 6 hours at a time.

He's clingy! This was a big surprise to us. Shio will run up to me to check in at the dog run now and sit by our bedroom door waiting for us in the morning. He's also okay with being held for more than 10 seconds.

There have been minimal potty accidents indoors but he is not fully trained yet.

The fur on his face has lightened while the red fur on his body has darkened. The fur on his back has become coarser and his tail started to fill out and look fluffier.

He continues to love playing with us and other dogs. Still has terrible recall but we will work with our trainer on that.

And he still does not sleep in his doggy bed.