Not a Morning Shiba

We’ve found that Shio is just not a morning doggy. Every morning at 6am, J or I will come stumbling out in a huff to grab him and run out so he doesn’t have an accident in his crate. When Shio was 3.5 months old, if we were late by just 5 minutes, there would be an accident so we are trained to jump up and go the second the alarm rings in the morning. This week we’ve found that he would just lift his head up to say “Hi” and then back down he goes. J and I will sit there until 6:30am while he lazily looks at us with his chin on his arm or stretches eveeeer soooo slooowlyyy in his crate.

Sometime in between 6:30am and 6:40am he’ll decide that he’s ready to trot out and join the rest of the world with his newfound leg lifting antics.

This is good news for us… we get to hit the snooze for 30 minutes before dragging ourselves out.