Shiba in NYC

Shio the Shiba formerly known as Nemo

He arrived to our home in NYC the night of Saturday, 3/21/09. When we went to pick a Shiba from our breeder, we looked for a dog that would best fit our personalities.  Shio and his brother were both eager to meet us, but we chose Shio because he did not nip at us like Nate did and was not as hyper.  The other Shibas that were available either had food/toy aggression or carried the breed flaw of being too shy.

Although Shio wasn't as good looking as his brother, we knew that Shio's colors and markings would change over time. The black Shiba snout that Shio has will lighten up as he gets older and his fur color will change as he transitions into adult fur.


Name:  Shio Birthday: 12/24/08