A Shiba Named Shio

First Picture

It was hard to pick a name when we first had him in our home since there are so many Japanese words to choose from. What we did know is that we wanted a name that was original but also relevant to our puppy's personality.  His name is Shio (pronounced "Shee-oh") for two different reasons. Reason 1:

When we went to pick the breeder up, J and I stopped by a McDonald's for lunch on the drive over.  We had our value meals, complete with salty fries. When we picked him up from the breeder, Shio would excitedly jump up and try to lick or bite our fingers. The salt leftover from our fries instantly attracted him to us.  Shio means salt in Japanese so it was the perfect fit.

Reason 2:

Another underlying reason why the word holds sentimental value in our lives is because during our first date together, J and I went to a Ramen shop in the LES and ordered Shio Ramen for lunch. Our dog would be another first for us so the name Shio has an already implied significance in our lives.